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VSCodeSnap - (Visual Studio CodeSnap) is a Visual Studio extension that will allow you take a screenshot of your code. Syntax highlighting, spacing, and indentation will be preserved.

In case you are encountering a problem or need to discuss something then you are welcome to contact us by email: support@lonestarsoftworx.com. Alternatively, you can create an issue item here.

***** Looking for Beta Testers *****

We are always looking for beta testers. If you would like to be considered, please send an e-mail to beta.testing@lonestarsoftworx.com. You will receive an Amazon gift card and if you have not purchased the software, you will also get a free license.


The license for VSCodeSnap is perpetual which means that the license will never expire and will work for subsequent versions. Includes support that never expires.

The license is per developer and one machine. Multiple machines require multiple licenses.

License cost for VSCodeSnap is as follows:

Individual License
Registration on a device (for private or commercial use)
Site License
Suitable for a single location of a company, or for companies with only one location
Company License
Suitable for larger companies and organizations

Please contact sales@lonestarsoftworx for additional information regarding licensing.


There are no prerequisites.

Known Issues

  • VSCodeSnap only works with C# code. Other languages will be supported in future releases.
  • For the code selection to properly work, the selection must contain a starting and and an ending brace.


Select the code that you want to take a screenshot of.

Right-Click on the selected code and then click VSCodeSnap.

Tools Menu - VSCodeSnap Context Menu

A form will be displayed with the screenshot of your code.

Click the camera button. This will display a dialog box that will allow you to enter the name and the format of the image you want to save.

Tools Menu - VSCodeSnap VSCodeSnap Viewer

If you are in trial mode, there will be a watermark displayed on your image.


VSCodeSnap is highly configurable. Here are the options you can set to tune the way your scneemshot will look.

Tools Menu - VSCodeSnap General Options - Background Options
VSCodeSnap General Options - Default Save Path
VSCodeSnap General Options - Miscellaneous Options
VSCodeSnap General Options - Watermark

Reporting Issues

To report an issue, click the Report a Problem a Problem menu command. The Report a Problem form will also be displayed if any catastrophic issue arises.

Tools Menu - VSCodeSnap Menu - Report a Problem

Release Notes – 05/15/2023
Initial Release