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VSBackup - (Visual Studio (VS) Backup) is a Visual Studio extension for backing up and restoring a solution without having to leave Visual Studio. VSBackup is a very useful extension if you are not using any version control or if you are in the prototyping stage. This is not a substitute for source control. Take care of your code files. Only full backups are performed.

In case you are encountering a problem or need to discuss something then you are welcome to contact us by email: support@lonestarsoftworx.com

All new development for VSBackup will continue in the Visual Studio 2022 version.

***** Looking for Beta Testers *****

We are always looking for beta testers. If you would like to be considered, please send an e-mail to lonestar.softworx@lonestarsoftworx.com. You will receive an Amazon gift card and if you have not purchased the software, you will also get a free license.


The license for VSBackup is perpetual which means that the license will never expire and will work for subsequent versions. Includes support that never expires.

The license is per developer and one machine. Multiple machines require multiple licenses.

License cost for VSBackup is as follows:

Individual License
Registration on a device (for private or commercial use)
Site License
Suitable for a single location of a company, or for companies with only one location
Company License
Suitable for larger companies and organizations

Please contact sales@lonestarsoftworx for additional information regarding licensing.


VSBackup uses Robocopy for the backup proc ess. Please make sure that Robocopy.exe is located at the following location, ‘C:\Windows\System32’ before the backup operation.



To start a backup, either load an existing solution or create one. You will find the commands for VSBackup located in Tools --> VSBackup. Only full backups are performed.

Tools Menu - VSBackup Menu

There are two ways to start the backup process. The first way is to right-click on the solution and then click the VS Backup – Start Backup menu item on the context menu.

VSBackup - Solutions Context Menu - Start Backup

The other way is to click the Start Backup menu command located in the VSBackup menu on the Tools menu. If this is the first backup for the solution, the settings form will be displayed. Either change the location of the backup or accept the default backup location. See the Settings section for instructions. Click the OK button.

Tools Menu - VSBackup Menu - Start Backup

Once the backup process has completed, either success or failure, a message box will be displayed.

Viewing Backups

To view a list of backups for the solution, click View -> Other Windows –VSBackups – Backups

VSBackup - View - Other Windows - VSBackup - Backups

A window with the backups associated with the solution will appear.

VSBackup - View - Other Windows - VSBackup - Backups - Backup List

Each backup will have an image next to image denoting the type of backup.

Entries that have this image, will show that the backup was zipped. This image show that the folder was backed up without compression.

You can now sort the backup entries by either the name or by the Backup Date/Time. Click the column you want to sort by and it will sort by ascending or descending order.

The Backups tool window has six toolbar items.

  • Hard Delete   Deletes the backup from the list as well as the backup location.

  • Soft Delete     Deletes the backup from the backup list only.

  • Restore             Restores a backup to a specified location.

  • Refresh             Refreshes the backup list.

  • From/To           Allows you to filter the backups by date. To revert to the complete list of backups, click the Refresh button.

Backup Note

You can add a note or edit an existing note to a backup.

Right-Click on the backup you want to enter a note for. Click the Edit Note menu item.

Tools Menu -VSBackup Menu - Settings

Enter the text of the note. To save the note, click the Save button. To cancel the save, click the Cancel button.

Tools Menu -VSBackup Menu - Settings

To delete the note, click the Delete Note button.

Tools Menu -VSBackup Menu - Settings


To change the settings for the backup and restore, click the Settings menu command located in the VSBackup menu.

Tools Menu -VSBackup Menu - Settings

The following form will be displayed.

Backup Settings

VSBackup Settings - Backup Settings

To select a location for the backup, select one of three options:

  • Use Default Location                                                The backup will always be stored at this location.

  • Prompt for location on each backup               Displays a prompt for the location of the backup.

  • Use this location                                                           Allows you to either type in a location, select a location by clicking the folder button, Backups Location Select Location or selecting a previously saved backup location by clicking the drop-down arrow.

VSBackup Settings - Backup Location

There are three options for naming the backup:

VSBackup Settings - Zip Options
  • Use Solution Name                                     The backup will have the same name as the solution.

  • Prompt for name on each backup     Displays a prompt for the name of the backup on each backup.

  • Use Custom Name                                      The backup will have the name of whatever is entered into the text box.

To Zip (compress) the backup, enable the Zip Backup option.

VSBackup Settings - Zip Options

To password protect the Zip file, enable the Password Protect Zip File? option. Password must be at least 8 characters in length. To view what you have typed, click the button. To hide what you typed, click the button.

To only back up the solution directory if the folder size is greater than a certain amount, click the Only Zip backup if the solution is greater than option and enter an amount.

To save the settings, click the OK button. To discard any changes or just to exit the form, click the Cancel button.

A form will appear listing the selected and entered options. You can turn this form off and on by going to Tools  Options  VSBackup General Settings and checking or un-checking the Show Backup Summary Options.

Restore Settings

To change the restore settings, click the tab labeled Restore.

Backups List - Restore

There are three options for setting up the restore location for the backup:

  • Use Default Location                                                The restore will always be stored at this location.

  • Prompt for location on each backup               Displays a prompt for the location of the restore.

  • Use this location                                                           Allows you to either type in a location, select a location by clicking the folder button, Backups Location Select Location or selecting a previously saved restore location by clicking the drop-down arrow.


To restore a backup, select the backup from the Backups tool window.

Backups List - Restore

Click the button labeled Restore on the Backups tool window, right-click on the selected backup and click Restore, or click the Restore button in the VSBackup menu.

Tools Menu - VSBackup Menu - Restore

Backups Window - Restore

When the dialog box appears, select the location where you want to restore the solution to. To make a new location, click the Make New Folder button. Click the OK button.

Restore Location

Once the restore process has completed, either success or failure, a message box will be displayed


To access the options for VSBackup, you can click Tools  Options and scroll down to VSBackup or you can select the click the Options menu item on the VSBackup menu.

Tools Menu - Options - VSBackup - Backup Events

Backup Events

Tools Menu - Options - VSBackup - Backup Events

You can now back up your solution when an event fires in Visual Studio. Select either True or False from the drop down for each option and then click the OK button to save your changes.

Data File Backup

To back up the data file, go to ToolsOptionsVSBackup and select the Data File Backup.

Tools Menu - Options - VSBackup - Data File Backup Options

To keep to only a of certain of backups, change the Backups to Keep value by clicking the down or up arrow button.

To change when the data file will be backed up, select an option from the Backup Frequency drop-down. The Daily, Weekly, or Monthly options can only be chosen if a manual backup has been performed first. These backups will occur when the solution closes.

  • Manual - The backup will not be done automatically and will be performed every time when the button is clicked.

  • Daily - The backup will occur every day after the last backup date.

  • Weekly - The backup will occur every 7 days after the last backup.

  • Monthly - The backup will occur every 30 days after the last backup date.

To restore a data file backup, select the backup you want to restore from the list.

Then click the Restore button. You must close then open a solution to reload the backups for that solution.

General Settings

Tools Menu - Options - VSBackup - General Settings

To turn on or to turn off the backup settings summary form, check or un-check the Show Backup Options Summary checkbox.

To initiate automatic backups at a specified interval which are in minutes, select the value from the drop down labeled Automatic Backup Interval. Selecting 0 will turn off the automatic backups.

Starting with Version 2.x, if you are upgrading from Version 1.x, the data file must be converted. This option will only be enabled if you have to convert the data file.

Leaving Feedback

To leave a suggestion or feedback on how we can improve VSBackup or to rate VSBackup, click the Leave Feedback menu item.

Tools Menu - VSBackup Menu - Leave Feedback

Reporting Issues

To report an issue, click the Report a Problem a Problem menu command. The Report a Problem form will also be displayed if any catastrophic issue arises.

Tools Menu - VSBackup Menu - Report a Problem

Release Notes

6.5.1003.2022 – 02/08/2022

  • FIXED Problem Report and Feedback submission not working.

6.4.1002.2022 – 02/08/2022

  • FIXED Purchase link was pointing to the wrong web site.

6.3.999.2022 – 01/24/2022

  • FIXED The Restore location options were not being set correctly.
  • FIXED The Restore process was not working correctly.

6.2.996.2022 – 01/20/2022

  • FIXED The backup location options were not being set correctly.

6.1.995.2022 – 01/18/2022

  • FIXED An error message was displayed when clicking the Report a Problem menu item.

6.0.994.2021 – 01/17/2022

  • NEW A note can be added to a backup.
  • NEW Backups list can be filtered by a date range.
  • NEW The Options item on the VSBackup menu can take the user directly to the Options page for VSBackup
  • NEW The Help item on the VSBackup menu can take the user to the documentation web page for VSBackup
  • IMPROVED The backup operation is enclosed in a thread.
  • NEW Additional Backup options.
  • NEW Additional Restore options.
  • IMPROVED Redesigned the Settings form.

5.1.980.2021 – 11/23/2021

  • FIXED The Install Targets were incorrect in the VSIX manifest file.

5.0.979.2021 – 11/20/2021

  • IMPROVED Converted to Visual Studio 2022.
  • FIXED Minor bug fixes.
  • SUNSET Data File Conversion.

4.2.979.2021 – 11/07/2021

  • FIXED Minor bug fixes.

4.1.974.2021 – 11/01/2021

  • FIXED Minor bug fixes.

4.0.944.2021 – 09/13/2021

  • NEW A context-menu with Hard, Soft, and Restore commands is displayed when a backup item is right-clicked.
  • NEW When the Backups area is right-clicked, a context-menu will display with the Refresh command.
  • IMPROVED Menu items are grouped and re-arranged.
  • NEW Backups can be performed when certain events in Visual Studio are fired.
  • NEW Buttons for Hard Delete, Soft Delete, Restore, and Refresh operations are on the Backups Toolwindow.

3.1.550.2021 – 06/30/2021

  • FIXED Going to Tools --> Options --> VSBackup causes Visual Studio to Crash.
  • FIXED The backup location is not saved.
  • FIXED The License Key activation fails.

3.0.340.2021 – 05/10/2021

  • NEW Feedback, a suggeston, or a rating the extension can be given.
  • IMPROVED The VSBackup menu on the Tools menu.

2.2.352.2021 – 04/03/2021

  • FIXED The name of the backup is the solution directory name instead of the solution name.

2.1.342.2021 – 04/01/2021

  • IMPROVED Various UI modifications.

2.0.340.2021 – 03/26/2021

  • IMPROVED Various UI enchantments and modifications.
  • NEW If a backup is selected to be restored and if it does not exist, there is an option to remove it from the backup list.
  • NEW The ability to Zip (compress) a solution. A password for the Zip file can be set. Also, an option to Zip the solution when it is greater than a specified amount has been added.
  • NEW Sorting can now be performed on the Backup Date/Time and Name columns in the Backups list.
  • NEW An icon will appear next to the backup denoting the type of backup, directory or Zip.
  • NEW There is 30-day trial period of the extension. When the trial period ends, backups can no longer be performed.
  • NEW Data file format change. – 01/21/2021

  • FIXED When the extension failed to load in Visual Studio 2017 due to an assembly reference issue. – 01/12/2021

  • FIXED When opening a solution in Visual Studio 2019 using the Open Recents dialog, the Visual Studio events would not fire causing the backup settings and backups not to load. Nor could a backup profile be created. – 01/06/2021

  • NEW Logging – 01/06/2021

  • IMPROVED Upgraded for Visual Studio 2019 – 01/01/2021

  • FIXED When submitting a Problem Report, leaving a required field empty and then filling it in would result in a loop when re-submitting the Problem Report. – 12/24/2021

  • Initial Release